Lions Gate Consulting Inc.

Economics and economic development services that further organizational excellence

Lions Gate assists organizations evaluate a concept or project viability, formalize a business plan or improve organizational performance. Areas of expertise include tourism and hospitality, agriculture and food, forestry and wood manufacturing, high technology and services.

Our approach to feasibility assessments is to genuinely inform the client of the implications of a go or no-go decision concerning a proposed task, project or investment. A variety of analytical tools can be used to inform study conclusions and recommendations but an opinion on the likelihood and context of success is always given.

Our business planning practice is designed to help clients develop an overall strategic approach to decision-making through the integration of goals (or objectives), policies, programs and strategic decisions. The focus of the planning may be at the corporate level or it may be for a specific project, product or market. A typical plan would incorporate industry, market and competitor analysis with marketing, operating, management and financial plan components. The plans we have prepared for clients have served a variety of purposes, from internal decision-making to fund-raising and joint-venture development.

Feasibility analysis. We have delivered dozens of feasibility studies that objectively identify the merits and deficiencies of a proposed venture or initiative, as the basis for implementation, abandonment, or further technical work. READ MORE

Business and marketing plans. Lions Gate excels at well crafted business, marketing and financial plans for businesses, community organizations, non-profits and government. READ MORE