Lions Gate Consulting Inc.

Economics and economic development services that further organizational excellence

Lions Gate assists government, First Nations, communities, industry and individual businesses develop their economic development plans, policies and programs. We do this by helping them understand the nature of economic change, the opportunities for transforming community assets into wealth creation and the strategic options for moving the economy forward in an era of severe dislocation, globalized competition and secular change.

Our work approach is based on generally accepted principles of strategic economic planning, from economic and industry analysis, through each phase of the planning process to program design and delivery. We regularly employ analytical tools such as economic base analysis, SWOT analysis, cluster analysis and community asset mapping and complement those with community consultation techniques including focus groups, planning workshops, community surveys and public meetings. Our plans are detailed, action-oriented and sophisticated enough to deal with economic uncertainty and change, yet clearly articulated to facilitate understanding and implementation. In all cases, we strive to create an economic roadmap by balancing the objectives and values of the client organization or community with the impartial interpretation of economic, industry and competitiveness trends.

We have completed more than 150 projects for economic development organizations, including baseline studies, industry-specific studies (e.g. manufacturing, tourism, transportation, services), program-specific plans (e.g. marketing and investment attraction, business retention and expansion) and comprehensive, long term community plans.

Economic devepment strategies. Our passion at Lions Gate is working with government and NGOs improve the economic and social well-being of their constituencies through targeted and effective strategic plans.

Investment attraction and place marketing strategies. Lions Gate has worked with numerous communities market themselves and target new domestic and foreign direct investment through the deployment of realistic, measurable and implementable plans.

Tourism planning. Destination, market , product/experience, infrastructure and industry development--Lions Gate has engaged all dimensions of tourism planning for government, business and destination management organizations big and small. READ MORE Programming best practices. Research and analysis of organizations that demonstrate superior policy, program and management practices that over time become economic development standards.