Lions Gate Consulting Inc.

Economics and economic development services that further organizational excellence

We employ the principles of micro-economics and financial analysis that assist client understanding of baseline conditions and the implications of project, program and policy developments.

The analytical frameworks include social benefit/cost analysis, multiple accounts analysis, economic impact analysis and financial analysis, highlighting the distribution of benefits and costs which may be interpreted in monetary and non- monetary terms. These assessments are designed to assist our clients with investment decisions, program and policy development, regulatory and permitting processes, mitigation, follow-up and monitoring plans, and other situations where an understanding of the economic and financial implications of a decision is required.

The impact work Lions Gate conducts frequently includes socio-community and cultural dimensions. Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (SEIA) is the systematic framework used to identify and evaluate the potential impacts of regional and local economis change in respect of public and social services, community infrastructure, emergency services, housing and social stresses, as well as cultural/heritage values.

Land Use Planning. Lions Gate consultants have a long and successful track record assisting government agencies determine the potential effects of wide area land and resource management plans, small area plans, establishment or expansion of parks and protected areas, changes in the allocation of Crown lands or tenure policy. READ MORE

Marine Planning. The effects of marine plans can be complex given the non-point interactions between economic activity and the marine environment, overlapping jurisdictional interests, and the constantly shifting regulatory environment. Lions Gate has helped all levels of government, including First Nations, understand these interactions and the trade-offs inherent in balancing economic, socio-community and ecological values. READ MORE

Resource Developments. Lions Gate has worked with many clients in the energy, mining and transportation industries document the socio-economic impacts required of the federal and provincial/territorial environmental assessment (or other regulatory) processes. READ MORE